Manjaro ARM to shut down

Manjaro ARM was built for ARM embedded devices and was doing a great job from over a year ago. Manjaro ARM supported devices like Raspberry Pi, Ocdroid, etc. Today a bad news came from Manjaro-arm team that it is going to shut down all the services. The team has to make this tough decision because of low number of contributors. There were very less people to maintain and work on development of this amazing distribution. The team worked hard and tirelessly for this project to become successful, but there were very few users. According to official announcement, the forums and website will stay alive for sometime while other services will be shut down as per below time frame,
Services shut down timeframe:
All development and Bug fixes -- Already shut down.
Package Building -- Already shut down
Package Adding -- April 1st
Releases -- Already Shut down
Wiki -- April 1st
Bug Tracker -- April 1st
Manjaro-Arm Website -- June 1st
Manjaro-Arm Forums -- June 1st
IRC Channel -- TBD
Software Repo -- May 1st (this is only for the main repo at repo.manjaro-arm.org)
While the project is dying, the team has offered help to anyone who is willing to continue this project. The team will guide through all the process and even teach if needed. If anyone is interested in continuing this project, now is the time. Otherwise we all have to say goodbye to Manjaro-ARM.

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