Parrot Security OS 3.5 is released

Parrot Security, the Debian-based distribution just got new release Parrot 3.5 available to download.The Parrot team proudly announced the release of this new release after a call for Beta-testers and final fixes(must be made) based on it. Just a few days back the team has come up with an announcement of a release date as 8th march and here they are.
This new release has dropped all those old packages which didn't comply with Debian's standard.The removal of gtkdialog lead to dropping some of the based built software as well.Linux kernel 4.9.3 is the new updated kernel and the team is looking forward to adding the latest Linux Kernel update 4.10 as soon as Debian team will complete their side work and add it in their latest release.
Most of the packages are updated as for most pointable update is not bringing the firefox 45 but the latest firefox 51 and not only that the security plug-ins have been updated and improved.
VirtualBox and VMware guest support is added by default, an onboard virtual keyboard has also been added.
 Download Latest release from your preferred location and architecture.

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