[Tutorial] Basic Linux Administration Part - 2

HI guys, welcome to the second segment of tutorials. In current segment we will be learning about basic Linux administration. in previous part we leaned about some basic commands, we will see some more basic but important commands today. Oh! But there is already GUI in many Linux distro, what we will do by learning these commands?? Let me tell you sir, there is nothing more fun than playing with terminal in Linux.

  • cp : this command is used for copying files into specific folder. there is also another variation of this commands which is used for copying a folder into another. To copy a certain file you have to input command in terminal  cp <file name> <destination folder>
    ubuntu 17.10.2
    In above screenshot we copied file to sample folder using cp command.
    ubuntu 17.10.2
    The another variation of cp command to copy a folder to another is cp -r. In above screenshot we copied LEL folder to LOl usaing cp -r.
  • mv : this command is used for moving one file to a folder. this will permanently move a file to a directory. To do this you need to type in command mv <file name> <directory name>  
    ubuntu 17.10.2
    In above screenshot we moved file to LEL folder using mv command.
  • uname : this commands is used for checking details of your operating system. Simply entering uname  will show name of Operating System. On the other hand entering uname -a will show the complete information of Linux platform such as operating system, fqdn, kernel version, date and time of kernel was complete. 
    ubuntu 17.10.2
  • man : this command is very useful for knowing details about other commands. In short it opens a help page for specific command.
    ubuntu 17.10.2
    In above screnshot we opened help page for cp command using man cp command. in the same way you can open help page for any command using man.
This is it for todays segment. in next segment we will learn about some advance commands like adding users and groups and some root level commands too. So stay tuned and have fun with Linux.

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