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[Quick Tips] How to get the list of upgradable softwares on Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian using Terminal?

Hello TechPhylumies :) This is our very first post under the 'Quick Tip' segment.Which is a new segment just for our Linux Begginers.
Well, Today a very quick tip on how to get the list of upgradable software and packages on Debian-based distributions, I know we have the graphical option available but we are trying to do it under the terminal, so to do so just fire up the terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T, and run the following command
sudo apt update
apt list --upgradable

How to check upgradable list of packages on ubuntu

and there you have it, you'll get the list of all the updatable packages available.

So we hope it was helpful for you, kindly put your views in the comment section below and you may also ask any issue or query in the comment section.Thank You.
See you in the next Quick Tip, Till then Eat healthy and use Linux :)


[Quick Tips] Notepadqq, An Alternative to NotePad++ on Ubuntu/Debian/Linux?

Hello TechPhylumies,
As the new initiative, We have a new category called Quick Tips.So Today's Quick tip is Alternatives to NotePad++ on Ubuntu/Linux
So here We Go

If You have migrated from Windows and you are missing your Notepad++ Text Editor, then here we have the best alternative for you.

Are You Looking for the best alternative to NotePad++? Then You will surely feel at home when you will try this awesome Text Editor called Notepadqq, with around 100 programming languages supported and cool color themes, Notepadqq is the best alternative for NotePad++.Plug-ins are there, Searh and replace, nice line based codes with Syntax HighLighting and many more.


Weather Underground : Weather updates and much more

Hi guys, ever thought about getting detailed information of weather, health risks or even get a webcam view of the place you are going to travel to? Well, there is an app for android who can easily do it all for you. Weather Underground is not only givers you current weather updates of places, but also gives much detailed information of that place.

  • As any other weather app, this app also works on GPS or custom locations manually added by user. It gives all the basic information like current temperature, Maximum and minimum temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc.

  • Weather Underground Also provide forecast on daily or hourly basis. So get the idea of how the weather will be before going to that place. Forecast is also detailed and gives best possible results.
  •  Weather Underground tells you timings of sunrise and sunset. It will show you exactly how much time left for Sunset. And not only about sun, but also it shows details about moon. It tells you when next full moon is or when next new moon is.
  •  This app gives you detailed information about rain in that particular area. It tells about humidity, dew point, visibility, etc.
  •  Not only about Weather, but also it gives information about health factors. Weather Underground tells about air quality of particular area, UV index and any chances of catching flu in that particular area.
  •  Weather Underground Also provides detailed information about wind speed, Hurricane or cyclone information. If you don't believe what this app tells, then it also gives webcam view of current weather conditions in particular area. This app also gives you links to check out the news, scientific discussions about particular area.

Weather Underground is one of the most versatile app for weather updates made for android. While manually setting up locations it also gives option to connect with nearest weather station for more detailed and accurate information about weather.

To download Weather Undergroud just hit Play Store.
Or just visit


[Quick Tip] How to reduce brightness during night time in android

HI guys, many times we want to use our phone in night time and it is just too bright for our eyes. Most of phones supports brightness reduction up to certain level but it is still high for our eyes. There is a solution for this problem, you can simply reduce brightness even below phone's minimum range. To do this you will need an app called Screen Filter. To use Screen Filter app you need to have a rooted phone with Xposed installed in it, otherwise it won't work.
screen filter
Once you downloaded and installed Screen Filter app from Xposed, activate it within Xposed and reboot your phone. After this you are ready to use screen filter app. This app has some basic settings to adjust from. Even though it looks so simple but it makes huge difference. Adjust your settings according to your taste. It also features a color filter to reduce blue light during night time. Once you are done setting up brightness level and color filter just tap on ON/OFF button to start it.
screen filterscreen filterscreen filter

 It also features a notification panel bar for you to quickly access it without going to app every time. As you can see in below screenshots, the difference between phone's default brightness and screen filter.

screen filterscreen filter

Screen Filter helps to reduce the strain on eyes during night time. So whenever you need your phone in night, you can be assured that your eyes are not that much strained. So guys, try out this app as it is helpful to us. We will be back with more quick tips and other stuffs. Stay tuned and have fun.


[Quick Tips] IFTTT : An interesting way to Manage multiple things at once

Hello fellas, ever thought of changing both Facebook and Twitter display pictures simultaneously. Or thought about automatically link your blog post to your Facebook account. Or automatically tweet about your Instagram pics whenever you upload one on Instagram. If you did thought about all these then we have an great app to make your life easier. IFTTT is an android / iOS app and web service which connects your social accounts and do wonders. It works on the philosophy "If you do this then you can do that".


 IFTTT simply connects multiple service and link their activities together. For example, on local level you can set timer to silent your phone at night and vice-versa in day time. Or you can tell IFTTT to turn of your wifi when you leave home, again vice-versa. On social level you can update your Twitter display picture as you change it in Facebook. You can backup your SMS automatically on your email address as soon as they arrive. There are simply endless possibilities in IFTTT. You can make various combo of different services and save hassel and time of  updating various services individually.
In IFTTT you can fine many prebuilt combos made by community, as well as you can make your own combo. IFTTT supports a huge load of services on local and virtual level. You can simply get notified about whether or rain every morning, or automatically can silent your phone as you enter workplace. It is almost everything you need in one single package.
So guys, try out this cool app and manage your daily things in less time. You can get this app on play store and apple app store as well as, you can access web service too.


[Quick Tip] How to quickly Download any YouTube video?

Hello TechPhylumies, So Welcome Back to Quick Tips.
Today We have a very nice or we should be saying very quick way to download youtube videos.
Here we go with step by step quick guide
Step 1
Quickly Download YouTube Videos

Go to the video link that you want to download. For example, say the link is


[Quick Tips] The new segment of TechPhylum

Well TechPhylumies, We were thinking to bring some new segments to TechPhylum(Uh! It might have reminded you all of FreeBSD (-_-"), We are working on folks.) So, An instant and creative thought hit our minds that why not to start a Tip and Trick segment.It will not only bring something new and knowledge-rich stuff, to the city(TrchPhylum) and Residents(TechPhylumies) but also it will be very helpful for those Begginers, who has just understood the importance of Google and DuckDuckGo in the terms of learning.
 What we are gonna Pots in this Section called 'Quick Tips'?

  • Linux Tips: First and our main focus would always be Linux Based tips and tricks. It will cover most of our favorite Linux Distributions' how toS and TroubleShoots.
  • Android Tips: Daily driver after our Linux System is always our Mobile phone and the most preferred mobile operating systems is in our list.
  • Last but not the least Wndows and Anything that falls under the term 'Tech' is surely gonna take a space on our article column.
So, Get ready guys to get awesome list of tips. See You all in our next post, till then chew your food properly while eating and use Linux :)

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