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Friendly app on iOS : Get connected without worrying about phone space

Hi, fellow iPhone users, you have a great device right there in your hand but sometimes it lacks space to do certain things. While it is not a problem on newer devices but people still using iPhone 5 - 6S have this issue. You want to stay connected to social media but some apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram takes too much space due to their huge app size and the cache they produce. Well, how about all these 4 services in one app with negligible app size and much more added features? You heard it right!!
 Friendly helps you to stay connected with all these social websites and its app size is just about 35 MB. Still not getting excited?? Well then, let's see below some of the more features it offers.

Friendly on iOS 11.2.2Friendly on iOS 11.2.2

Friendly lets you use multiple accounts in one single app. More on it you can switch between them very easily. You can use 5 different Facebook accounts (if you have that much). You can have different color accent for multiple accounts.
Friendly on iOS 11.2.2
In Friendly, you get more features like,
  • Night mode to ease your eyes in dark.
  • Ad blocker which removes useless suggestions and annoying ads.
  • Passcode lock, you can set up a various passcode for multiple accounts.
  • Order your Facebook feed by most recent.
  • Download photos and videos directly to your device.
Well, we have few reasons to try out Friendly. So give it a go and see the change it brings. While free version offers many features, pro version enables ad blocker. We will be back with more stuff for iOS. So stay tuned and have fun with your device.


Discord - voice and text chat for gamers

Hi guys, it is been a long pause on our website due to our exams and stuff but we are now back with more interesting stuff for you guys. Today we are going to meet Discord. If you are into online gaming and MOBA type games then you must have used or heard about Discord. It is one of the most versatile app out there for voice and text based chat. There are other apps like Skype or Teamspeak but Discord is unique in it's own way. Let's get to know more about this app.
  • Cross-platform - One of the most important thing about discord is that this app is cross-platform. You can use it in Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android and even a web version if you dont like to download and install the app. In Linux we used it on Ubuntu and Arch without any problems.
    click to enlarge
  • Stable - This app is seriously stable. It is even more stable then OS sometimes (LOL). It worked smoothly on mobile, on both Ubuntu and Arch. We also used it on windows and it didn't disappoint us there too. Discord consumes very low amount of ram and CPU usage.
  • Features - Discord probably have more features compared to skype or teamspeak. Most of all it is completely free of cost. It gives IP & DDoS protection. It also gives browser support, mobile support, in-game overlay, multiple channels, bots for customization and entertainment, friend lists, direct messaging, low latency, etc. 
    click to enlarge
  • android app for discord
  • Connectivity, fun & bots - Once you get used to discord and made friend over it, you will start to enjoy it even more. There are lots of customizations to channels, one can make separate channels for different games or can merge them all at one place and categorize them. Another fun part of discord is the bots. There are lots of different bots for discord. They can simply manage and moderate your channels, play music while you are having a voice chat or not, can play various games, can predict future (no, but yes :P ) and do many more stuff. bots work same across all the platform and same commands can be used to manipulate them. You can simply have a concert in discord with hundreds of people listening to it. 
So give this app a try, we are damn sure this won't disappoint you at all. For downloads and more information just head over to


[Quick Tips] IFTTT : An interesting way to Manage multiple things at once

Hello fellas, ever thought of changing both Facebook and Twitter display pictures simultaneously. Or thought about automatically link your blog post to your Facebook account. Or automatically tweet about your Instagram pics whenever you upload one on Instagram. If you did thought about all these then we have an great app to make your life easier. IFTTT is an android / iOS app and web service which connects your social accounts and do wonders. It works on the philosophy "If you do this then you can do that".


 IFTTT simply connects multiple service and link their activities together. For example, on local level you can set timer to silent your phone at night and vice-versa in day time. Or you can tell IFTTT to turn of your wifi when you leave home, again vice-versa. On social level you can update your Twitter display picture as you change it in Facebook. You can backup your SMS automatically on your email address as soon as they arrive. There are simply endless possibilities in IFTTT. You can make various combo of different services and save hassel and time of  updating various services individually.
In IFTTT you can fine many prebuilt combos made by community, as well as you can make your own combo. IFTTT supports a huge load of services on local and virtual level. You can simply get notified about whether or rain every morning, or automatically can silent your phone as you enter workplace. It is almost everything you need in one single package.
So guys, try out this cool app and manage your daily things in less time. You can get this app on play store and apple app store as well as, you can access web service too.


Alto's Adventure : a game that everyone should play

Konnichiwa gamers,

We hope you are having fun with your consoles, pc, phones. No? then you should start to have fun with them, because when it comes to games then nothing else comes between. Apart from all that we have a cool game to tell you guys about. Read the title? yeah, that's right. It's Alto's Adventure.

So what is it in this game? Ever played snowboarding game on your smartphone? if yes, then add this one to your collection. If no then it's a cool game to start with. Basically there's a boy named Alto, who lives in a village far far in the snowy mountains. He has some tamed llamas, who breaks the fence and ran in the wilds. Alto now needs to rescue those llamas and bring them back to village. While doing that he will go through different villages, forests, ruins, chasms and blah blah blah (i suck at explaining stories).

Now let's come to the part of graphics. Hell yeah it's awesome. This game has beautiful artwork and graphics and guess what it has minimal design which makes this game absolute (not absolut vodka :p ) eye-candy. Gameplay is awesome, totally physics based but sometimes you have to go with your instincts. Combos, hell yeah. Combo system is there, you have to score combos by combining various tricks in a streak. And sound, what a wonderful sound this game have, gamemakers also suggest to use headphones for enjoying the sound to fullest. No last part is size, Noodlecake studios made sure not to make this game too big. It's only 38-40 MB, so anyone can download and enjoy it.
Join Alto and his friends as they embark on an endless snowboarding odyssey. Journey across the beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness, through neighbouring villages, ancient woodlands, and long-abandoned ruins.
Along the way you'll rescue runaway llamas, grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms and outwit the mountain elders – all while braving the ever changing elements and passage of time upon the mountain.
• Fluid, graceful and exhilarating physics-based gameplay
• Procedurally generated terrain based on real-world snowboarding
• Fully dynamic lighting and weather effects, including thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, shooting stars, and more
• Easy to learn, difficult to master one button trick system
• Chain together combos to maximize points and speed
• Test your skills with 180 handcrafted goals
• Discover six unique snowboarders, each with their own special attributes and abilities
• Challenge your friends. Compete for best high score, best distance, and best trick combo!
• Acquire the wingsuit from Izel’s workshop for an entirely new gameplay dynamic
• Beautifully minimalist and evocative visual design
• Original music and handcrafted audio for an ambient and immersive experience (headphones recommended!)
(Source : Google Play)


Tower In The Sky : an epic RPG

Hello gamers and other people too.

Today we have something for gamers and game lovers (and for normal people too). So what is it? A game it is. And it's name is Tower in the sky. It is a handy dandy game with less data and more action. Especially RPG lovers will enjoy this game quite a lot. The game is simple, graphics are not too awesome but it is eye-catching in it's own way, Sound is cool, tuts are cool and finally gameplay is also cool. It can take you from easy levels to difficult levels and then the real fun starts. If you like RPG games then we would surely recommend you to play this.
Lead a team of unlikely heroes into battle against an ancient enemy and save the Kingdom! Explore a magical world, conquer evil, collect loot, mystical items, and designer T-shirts. Place your characters strategically, time your attacks, unleash powerful spells, and customize your party and play style against dozens of different enemy types to succeed. Can you unravel the truth about the Tower in the Sky?

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