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Tower In The Sky : an epic RPG

Hello gamers and other people too.

Today we have something for gamers and game lovers (and for normal people too). So what is it? A game it is. And it's name is Tower in the sky. It is a handy dandy game with less data and more action. Especially RPG lovers will enjoy this game quite a lot. The game is simple, graphics are not too awesome but it is eye-catching in it's own way, Sound is cool, tuts are cool and finally gameplay is also cool. It can take you from easy levels to difficult levels and then the real fun starts. If you like RPG games then we would surely recommend you to play this.
Lead a team of unlikely heroes into battle against an ancient enemy and save the Kingdom! Explore a magical world, conquer evil, collect loot, mystical items, and designer T-shirts. Place your characters strategically, time your attacks, unleash powerful spells, and customize your party and play style against dozens of different enemy types to succeed. Can you unravel the truth about the Tower in the Sky?

This is a premium game without advertisements or pay to win mechanics. The entire game is playable for free, but a single payment unlocks massive amounts of additional content. Tower in the Sky was built to provide challenge for all levels of players. Easy to pick up and play on normal and easy difficulty levels, while hard and extreme levels will challenge even the most hardcore strategy role playing game vets.
• A surprisingly deep adventure for mobile devices!
• Victory requires strategy and skill.
• Build a unique party out of a dozen playable characters each with their own unique abilities.
• Customize your party with TONS of weapons, items, and collectible T-shirts.
• Encounter a cast of NPC’s and a cross genre story that arcs across 1000’s of years.
• Dozens of different enemy types that require different strategies to defeat.
• Help an overly opportunistic Tavern entrepreneur be successful!
(source : Google Play)

The game is absolutely free, there's no pay to win formula here. you can unlock all you want in the game. However a one time purchase unlock a lot of extra content. They are also planning to release a 2 hour long side story if they achieved 1000 purchases. So if you think it is worth to pay for extra content, then give it a shot. The game is available in android, windows phone, ios.

So guys try out this game and support the devs if you like their work. Keep visiting us for more cool stuff and other basic things. Till then, Ciao.
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