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Knock Code Lockscreen - Xposed Module

Yo guys,

Good morning/afternoon/night, we hope you guys are having good time. you should because today we are writing about Knock code lockscreen. Wait, is this thing used in LG smartphones? well yes it is, but due to progression in technology some cool dudes made it to work on all devices (ahem, android 4.2+ only). and yes it require Xposed framework, so forget about this if you don't have xposed installed. Or, you can just simply install xposed in your phone. But how? simple just go to this post -

So how this knock code works? first of all you have to install this module, then activate it from xposed modules menu and  reboot your phone. if you done this then you are good to go.

 Now open up knock code app and you  will see some options like this in the below screenshots. you can choose whichever options you like according to your taste.

 After that just tap on "change knock code" and choose your desired pattern for the lockscreen. you can pick any from 2X2 to 5X5 layout.
 After choosing your desired layout, just tap those boxes the way you like to set a new knock code for unlocking your phone.
After successfully creating the code just restart your phone or restart keyguard and you are set to use the new lockscreen. Still not seeing any change in lockscreen? Oh i forgot to tell to actually see this lockscreen you need to have pattern lock activated in your phone. Just go to settings - security - lockscreen and choose pattern lock. After doing this you can see knock code lockscreen instead of default pattern lock like the screenshot below.
So guys, this was the first episode of  'some cool xposed modules' series which started today. so hope you guys will use this knock code. Keep visiting us for more cool things and basics. Till then, ciao.
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