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Troubleshooting Factory Re-set not working on Android Phone

Hola Earthieezz......!

Last few days back I was having a major issue in my Android device (Moto G Turbo), it wasn't responding according to my entries, likewise, Notification Bar wasn't pulling down,the home button (of course,Soft key! :p) wasn't working properly.....and so on!
My phone was behaving like my GF, so mad on me for no good reason(s) :p

Then all I had left was to factory reset as I had already tried most of the common solutions.Then again here the Factory rest button was just off, then I rebooted my phone in recovery mode to get it resetted from there, but no good luck. That wasn't working at all. Developer mode was just disappeared!

Now after seeing all these symptoms, I can go in hard way to just get it flashed with the official ROM, but I was feeling too lazy and I thought to just find a easy way out.

And Luckily, I got an App Simple Factory Reset
How's The App Simple Factory Reset?
So,this is a real good app having a so easy UI and just few clicks away you can simply Factory Re-set your Android phone.
(Image Source:Play Store)

Download it : Simple Factory Reset

So, I hope this was the easiest way to factory reset your phone.So this was all for today.
See you all in our next post.Till Then EAT TECH,SLEEP TECH,LIVE TECH and keep visiting Techphylum :)
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