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[Quick Tip] How to reduce brightness during night time in android

HI guys, many times we want to use our phone in night time and it is just too bright for our eyes. Most of phones supports brightness reduction up to certain level but it is still high for our eyes. There is a solution for this problem, you can simply reduce brightness even below phone's minimum range. To do this you will need an app called Screen Filter. To use Screen Filter app you need to have a rooted phone with Xposed installed in it, otherwise it won't work.
screen filter
Once you downloaded and installed Screen Filter app from Xposed, activate it within Xposed and reboot your phone. After this you are ready to use screen filter app. This app has some basic settings to adjust from. Even though it looks so simple but it makes huge difference. Adjust your settings according to your taste. It also features a color filter to reduce blue light during night time. Once you are done setting up brightness level and color filter just tap on ON/OFF button to start it.
screen filterscreen filterscreen filter

 It also features a notification panel bar for you to quickly access it without going to app every time. As you can see in below screenshots, the difference between phone's default brightness and screen filter.

screen filterscreen filter

Screen Filter helps to reduce the strain on eyes during night time. So whenever you need your phone in night, you can be assured that your eyes are not that much strained. So guys, try out this app as it is helpful to us. We will be back with more quick tips and other stuffs. Stay tuned and have fun.


Knock Code Lockscreen - Xposed Module

Yo guys,

Good morning/afternoon/night, we hope you guys are having good time. you should because today we are writing about Knock code lockscreen. Wait, is this thing used in LG smartphones? well yes it is, but due to progression in technology some cool dudes made it to work on all devices (ahem, android 4.2+ only). and yes it require Xposed framework, so forget about this if you don't have xposed installed. Or, you can just simply install xposed in your phone. But how? simple just go to this post -

So how this knock code works? first of all you have to install this module, then activate it from xposed modules menu and  reboot your phone. if you done this then you are good to go.


Xposed - a handy dandy framework for great customizations in android

Hi guys,
How are you all? We hope you are all fine and healthy. As we said earlier, we gonna meet everyday with new new stuffs and basics. So today we are going to tell you little about Xposed.

So what is Xposed?
It is a framework for android, which allows user to run many customization modules on the system without need of flashing various mods. All you need to do is install xposed and start downloading modules that you need. After installing modules just activate them from xposed app and reboot your phone. Voila, you just made some changes to your phone and you live your life happily from that time on. Er, about that happy life part there is a slight risk in installing xposed to your phone like your phone can be stuck in bootloop or can show some other side effects. But the risk is very minor.

How to install Xposed?
To install Xposed you need a rooted phone with unlocked bootloader and custom recovery. Don't have this? Then you will have to probably do some searching over the internet. You can find tons of tutorials on how to unlock bootloader and flash custom recovery. (this will void your warranty so be prepared for it)
you have to download a apk file of Xposed installer and you will also need Xposed sdk file to flash in your phone. All you have to do is install xposed app in phone, copy xposed sdk file to SD card of your phone then reboot into recovery and simply flash it from there. Done, you have installed xposed framework in your phone successfully.
NOTE - This can sometimes mess up your phone badly, so do this on your own risk. We are not liable for any damage occurred to your phone.

After you successfully installed framework, the happy life part starts with lots of customizations for your phone. we will be covering up some cool Xposed modules for you guys in coming days (I think i got a topic for new series :P )

So my brave friends take up your phone and install Xposed framework to open a world full of customizations (but still consider my warning up in the note section before getting very brave). For more information and downloads about Xposed visit Official thread here in XDA. Happy customizing.

We will be back with more things for you, so stay tuned, stay hungry and keep visiting us, like our FB page, follow us on Twitter, and blah blah blah. Till then, Ciao.

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