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[Quick Tips] Notepadqq, An Alternative to NotePad++ on Ubuntu/Debian/Linux?

Hello TechPhylumies,
As the new initiative, We have a new category called Quick Tips.So Today's Quick tip is Alternatives to NotePad++ on Ubuntu/Linux
So here We Go

If You have migrated from Windows and you are missing your Notepad++ Text Editor, then here we have the best alternative for you.

Are You Looking for the best alternative to NotePad++? Then You will surely feel at home when you will try this awesome Text Editor called Notepadqq, with around 100 programming languages supported and cool color themes, Notepadqq is the best alternative for NotePad++.Plug-ins are there, Searh and replace, nice line based codes with Syntax HighLighting and many more.

How To Install Notepadqq on Ubuntu?
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:notepadqq-team/notepadqq
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install notepadqq

How to install on other Linux distributions?
Head over to this link, you will get the source files as well as Debian PPA and Arch Linux package as well Fedora.

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  1. I am sure it is great, but there are several text editors that exceed Notepad++ in Linux, including Geany, Kate, etc; even Nano and Vim offer context highlighting from the command line. But the more the merrier. For me Geany is a hard-to-beat, super-lightweight, powerful editor and IDE.

    1. Yes, Of Course they are there with feature-rich environment but I really felt someone who loves NotePad++ or has just switched from Windows will find Notepadqq a known member in the New Ally :)
      Thank You.

    2. Actually Notepad++ runs pretty good under Wine. So far the only features I have found that don't work are downloads with the plugin manager and auto-updates.

    3. Testing noepadqq I can see it has a long way to go. There is no style configurator. I can't seem to turn off the display of line-numbers, etc, no auto-suggestions, .... Ok if you want to be a pioneer and assist with the development of the project. Otherwise, just stick with wine/notepad++ or you could try Visual Studio Code from Microsoft.

    4. Well, I agree. Auto-suggestion is still an expected feature.

    5. Biggest thing it is missing IMO is plugin support. On Windows, plugins are probably 60-70% of what makes Notepad++ great for me. As others have pointed out, evn without plugins it still has some work to do. For me personally, if it had ANY plugin support it would be better and if it supported existing notepad++ plugins (in particular TextFx) that would instantly jump it up several orders or magnitude.

    6. The team behind Notepadqq and the community as well are really putting effort to bring the things under the roof, We too expect those missing features.

  2. I like JEdit it looks the same on all platforms.

    1. Yah, and more or less everywhere it is available, Mac, Linux, Windows and even on BSD.


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