Elementary OS-A brief introduction

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          We are here once again to show you something interesting about Linux world. As far as now, we tried our best to provide you information about Linux world and we assure you that we will keep you guys entertained in future too.

So we gonna continue fourth segment of "introduction with Linux distro" series. We have a lightweight distro today, so this segment is specially for oldies and netbooks. But high specs PC are not any exclusions, ofcource this distro can be used in high specs PC too. 

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So today we gonna introduce you guys to Elementary OS. This is a lightweight distro which is based on Ubuntu. this is an ideal distro for using on Netbooks and old PC. Apart from Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Linux Mint Mate edition and other lightweight distros, Elementary OS have it's own unique feature i.e. The Pantheon desktop environment. The latest version of Elementary OS is 0.2 Luna which you can easily download from there official site. So let's take a look at Elementary OS.

Elementary OS login screen

The first thing we see after installing Elementary OS is this beautiful greeter i.e. login screen. after filling up username and password, we will be granted to enter authorised area :P as you can see there's also an option of guest session by which you can let anyone enter but won't be able to touch your private data.
The main screen i.e. Desktop
Now here is the main screen of Elementary OS. It seems like a basic and less crowded desktop but it have it's own beauty. The dock below is beautifully designed with auto hide function. If you have created multiple accounts then no worries you can easily switch between multiple accounts as you can seen in top right corner of above screensnap.
It have integrated power button, account switch button, Empathy IM client button, a network button, a launcher button and a sound control button in which music control is embedded on the top bar. These buttons are very helpful and easy for quick actions.
Apps launcher of elementary OS
On the top left corner, there's a button to fire up the application launcher. The app launcher is simple yet elegant and beautiful. As you can see by default there are not many apps installed in it. But no worries you can install new apps very easily.
Software center in Elementary OS
There is a software center in Elementary OS. Due to this software center you can easily find your favourite apps and install them very easily and quickly. There's no need of hassling over internet for searching an app. As it is based on Ubuntu, lot's of softwares are available in software center for installing.
Shotwell in Elementary OS.
By default Elementary OS includes Shotwell photo manager which is a very amazingand easy to use. you can easily import your pics in shotwell and view them in organised manner too. Elementary OS also includes Empathy IM client by default which is a multi-IM client and very useful for managing multiple accounts at same time. It also includes Geary Mail, a good email client. A music player and a Movie player too.
Midori Web Browser in Elementary OS
Elementary OS includes a lightweight web browser, Midori. It is a good browser with multi-tab and download support. It supports HTML5 and CSS3, it cando all the task that a heavy browser can do. It is an example of good speed and beautiful design.
Settings menu
 The settings menu is very simplified and organised, so that user can easily tweak what he wants. Well designed looks and easy user interface makes Elementary OS a good choice for beginners. It's not only about the looks and lightweight thing, Elementary OS is stable and secure at the same time. It provides a good support as it's based on Ubuntu people can easily find answers on ubuntu community too. So all in all Elementary OS is recommended to use on Low specs as well as high specs PC.

 Oh!!! i forgot to tell you guys that, i am posting this topic using Elementary OS and Midori Browser. So with this we conclude the fourth Segment of "introduction to Linux distro" series. we will be back with a new Linux distro next time so stay tuned with us. Till then, ciao.

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