How to install ubuntu using wubi?

Hey guys whats going on?
we are trying to cover every needed Tutorial for understanding linux,that it can cut ice for a beginners too!

So this process is really should be prefered by "BEGINNERS",who just moved their mood to try linux(ubuntu).

  • Its as easy enough,just like installing new software or a game on Windows.
  • Now whenever you want to remove Ubuntu then just you need one thing,just follow the same process of uninstallation,like a normal software in windows.Yup,Yup its not rocket science :p 
     if getting any problem then there is already a Uninstall programe in the ubuntu folder.

  • No need of any customisation in partitions,just choose any partition/drive and proceed and it will get installed in a folder just like a software in windows.
  • You will get windows boot loader to switch between windows and ubuntu,instead of GRUB.
  1. Before we proceed you need to download ubuntu so download it from Here.Also either Make a bootable cd/dvd or bootable USB drive.
  2. Now you need to open your ubuntu image file(.iso) or even your bootable media and copy "wubi.exe" anywhere on your system.

  3. So now double click on pasted wubi.exe and launch the installer.Now just select the desired partion/drive,in installation size choose any size>18GB,now fill your name and password and keep left ones as they are!
  4. Now insert your bootable media(bootable pendrive or cd/dvd) and click on install.(The reason is that installation file source will be your bootanle media.)
Getting Errors?                   

If you are getting errors like shown in the screenshot then its due to the installer starts downloading complete iso files and you are not connected to the internet.
So if you are following the process,we directed i.e. to use a bootable cd/dvd or usb drive then it will start copying files from the specific bootable media instead of downloading again and you will not get errors.
So I hope all worked fine for you and you are using Ubuntu!
If you got some difficulties then COMMENT BELOW buddy.
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