What is Linux? A brief Description

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What is Linux?
By simple means, Linux is an open-source operating system, based on Unix.

It is similar to Windows OS or Mac OS.
On October 5th 1991 Linus Torvalds first released the Linux kernel. The Linux kernel was(is) a very important component of Linux. Nowadays Linux is used mainly in many servers, supercomputers, etc. It is also used in mobile operating system such as Android OS with is built on Linux kernel.

In the earlier days, Linux was made for Intel x86 based PC as a free operating system. As Linux is an open-source operating system. It's source code can be modified or used and also it can be distributed by anyone under licenses such as the GNU(General Public License). So in short anyone can derive their own operating system from Linux if you have proper knowledge of what you are doing. As for example there are lots of Linux distributions.

Now what is a Linux distribution?
It is an operating system which is made on top of Linux kernel. It is loaded with collection of software which can be accessible to users. Moreover, it also contains package management system. There are many Linux distributions in current date. As we can't count them all currently so we will see some famous distributions.
Ubuntu, Fedora, Opensuse, Red hat Linux, Debian, etc. are few very popular Linux distributions.
Ubuntu, a very popular Linux distribution and 3rd most popular operating system.

              A Linux distribution is a complete package which is ready to install on PC. Once a user has installed a Linux distribution in desktop or server, It is ready to use with ready made collection of various software and applications. Nowadays many popular Linux distributions are sporting amazing Graphical user interface(GUI), which makes them a very good alternative to windows OS or mac OS.

These days Linux distributions are heavily improving in their performance, interface, accessibility and most important user friendliness. Some distributions like Ubuntu, Linux mint, etc. are gaining a very good market position along with increasing the number of users day by day. Ubuntu is 3rd most famous operating system after Windows and mac.

The overall summary of above is that Linux is a powerful operating system (yes it's powerful). Day after day it's gaining more user attraction and reputation too. So if you haven't tried any Linux distribution in your PC yet, then we would suggest you to give it a try. We are quite sure that Linux will never disappoint you.

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