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Subway Surfers for windows phone updated

Hello guy and gamers,
                         Well there's a good news for the gamers especially if you like to play subway surfers on your WP. Recently Kiloo, the developer of this game has released a new update for this game. Yup the new update brings the game in Beijing with beautiful graphics and track. so why are you waiting just fire up your phone and update your game to enjoy the new features in game. Let's see what have been updated in this new version.

New in 1.28.0

- Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to mystical China

- Pace through the Subway of Beijing with acrobatic Sun

- Add powerful Board Upgrades to selected boards

- Reach for the challenging new Coin Cautious Awards

- Search the tracks for hidden dragons to unlock weekly prizes
(source : Windows Phone Store )
 (Image source : Windows Phone Store )

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