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Metro File Manager - a very useful utility for Windows Phone

Hey buddies,
                     We hope you guys are doing great. Today we have some more cool things for your windows phone, a file manager. Yeah we know in windows phone 8.1 there is already a file manager but but but this file manager has some cool features that others don't offer.
We recently posted :

Metro File Manager, its a multipurpose file manager which can manage your local files plus cloud storage of four different services i.e. Onedrive, dropbox, box and google drive. It also offers ftp transfer and password protection to app and cloud drives.
The most professional, reliable and secure File Manager for Windows Phone, powered by cloud, email, and wireless sharing.

-Have you been wondering that under WP's App Isolated Storage architecture which App you need to bring any kind of files from PC into Phone?
-Have you been frustrated that you can't send multiple arbitrary files via Email or Bluetooth?
-Have you been looking for a single App to manage files in your cloud accounts?
-Have you been longing for an App that understands you are not always connected to your cloud drive and need to access files offline?
-Have you given up searching for an app that can play your music, videos or browse pictures in your cloud drive?

Well look no further and stop here!!!

•Conveniently bring files in App storage from PC over WiFi
•Organize and fully manage files in App Storage & cloud
•Copy, move, rename, delete, email, share over bluetooth
•Open files with other apps
•Receive files from other apps
•Selectively protect items in App's storage with password lock
•Extact archives like zip,rar,7z,.gzip,.gz,.bz,.bz2
•Music and video player (cloud ready), camera, camcorder
•Access Phone's Picture Library and below File Associations from SD card
•Integrates with OneDrive, GDrive, Box, DropBox

File Associations (files that can be listed, you will need other apps for most):
(source : Windows Phone Store)

(image source : Windows Phone Store

The app itself had limitations in WP 8 but in WP 8.1 you can enjoy this app without those limitations and other things. Free version of this app is ad supported but you can get paid version using in app purchase to open full capabilities. So then this is it for today, we will be back with more interesting apps and info so stay tuned with us. Till then, ciao.

To get this app go to : Windows Phone Store
or scan this code 
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