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Headshot -an impressive app to take selfie

Hola buddies

                     Well some users must be complaining that their windows phone is not having a front camera so it's hard to take selfies, specially if you are using Lumia 520 or Lumia 525. But there is a great solution for this problem. Why to use front camera when you can take higher quality selfies with rear camera. Yes you can do this with Headshot.
We recently posted :

Headshot is an amazing app which will help you in taking selfies with your phone's rear camera. What it does? It automatically detects your face and tell you to move your phone in perfect position for selfie. It works with voice guidance so you dont have to look at screen, it will say perfect and click the pic automatically so not even hassle to press the camera key.

Headshot helps you take better pictures of yourself. You specify where you want your head to be when taking a self-photo, then headshot uses face detection to tell you how to rotate your camera so that your head is in the right place. If you have a front-facing camera on your phone, consider this, your rear-facing camera takes pictures with 8x higher resolution than the front! You can use headshot to take better, higher-resolution pictures of yourself.
We have made major improvements to the application! Here are the highlights:
1. We added multiple face mode so you can take pictures with several people.
2. We made the app easier to use by adding more feedback.
3. Now Headshot automatically takes a picture instead of making you press a button!
4. We have fixed several bugs that caused the app to crash for some people.
5. Head tracking is now over 4x faster!
(source : Windows Phone Store)

(Image source : Windows Phone Store)

So what are you waiting for? Like to take selfies, then just grab your Windows Phone and install headshot. Start clicking high quality selfies right away. So this is it for today, we will be back with some more interesting stuffs so stay tuned with us. Till then, ciao.

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