Linux Deepin - A distro with a unique style

Hello buddies,

          We hope you guys are doing good. So let's see, today we have something interesting for you. Well we are bringing back the "Introduction with Linux Distro" series with some cool new distro out there. Some people would be wondering did we actually post something like this, so for those who don't know this series, check out the recent segments of the same.

On the sixth segment of this series we have Linux Deepin. Well this distro is very interesting and must mention it's eye candy for sure. There are lot of distros, but lot of them are only making fair market by using what already is available. But the story is very different here, though this distro is based on ubuntu but they provide their own desktop environment. There are very few distros which make a great deal by making something of their own creation. Last time we have seen Elementary OS with thier own Pantheon desktop environment. Let's have a look how it is in case of Linux Deepin. 

First of all just after after you log in to your account, you will get welcomed by a beautiful desktop with a well designed and good looking dock. This dock is customisable and have some interesting effects depending on softwares placed in dock.
 Now there is an launcher icon on the dock, but there's one more way to open launcher that is just hit the pointer onto the upper left corner. The launcher itself is well categorized and elegant.
 As you can see in above screenshot the launcher is properly categorized and different software are sorted accordingly. and there's another good thing is if you hit the pointer on lower left corner then it will minimize all your running softwares an bring you on desktop. Again hitting on same corner will restore all the running tasks again.
 Now if you hit the lower right corner, it will slide out control center. From here one can change all the settings of the pc.
 As you can see in above screenshot control center is also well categorized and well designed you can change almost all the settings of PC from here. Even you can customize your boot screen with custom wallpapers.
 Linux deepin have it's software store bundled with the distro. You can fin most of the software here and it's very easy to install them as well. Software store is also properly designed and well sorted for easy navigation.
 Another interesting feature here is Deepin game. It offers lots of free to play online games which are quite interesting to play and good to keep one entertained.
Linux Deepin also offers a rich music player which have internet radio service built in too. Don't have offline music in your PC no worries just switch to network radio and enjoy music online.

Overall Linux Deepin has lot more to offer plus they know how to keep users entertained while using their product. It's like their motto is "whatever we do, we gonna do it with some style". The support is quite good as it i given by people who us deepin in actual. Despite of being a chinese distro it offers english language too so there's no need to worry about language problem. The iso of Deepin is around 1.5 gb in size. You can also visit thier Official Site for more information and downloads. We would highly recommend you to try out this distro. With this we end today's segment of "Introduction with Linux Distro" series. We will be back with more distros n next segments so stay tuned with us. Till then, ciao.

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