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Video compressor for windows phone 8 : easiest method to compress your videos

Hey buddies!

                            We hope you guys are having good time in our site. Well we recently started Windows Phone section so we will be covering some important stuff here. Today we will introduce you guys to a handy tool which is great reducing size of your videos without actually needing a PC.
We recently posted :

The name of this tool is Video Compressor, it is available in store for free. This is really important and must have utility on your windows phone. So what does it do? Simple we always have high resolution video and sometimes we wanna share them over whatsapp or other messengers or any other place but size of video bothers a lot. This app will simply compress the video reducing it's size for easier sharing. It have plenty of options to choose from. you can select resolution, size, bitrate, etc. 
As you can see in below screenshots, it has a clean and tidy UI which is very easy to use. First of all you have to select a video file by tapping on choose video button.

After you have done choosing video file just tap on resolution button to choose your desired resolution. Well it offers wide range of resolutions so videos can be played on every device.
 After choosing video file and resolution, tap on quality button to choose your desired video quality. As you can see there are different qualities are given. Three cool options are compress video by file size, bitrate and whatsapp optimized. These three qualities are very useful when it comes to sharing.
 After choosing and setting up everything just tap on start button and compressing will start right away. Good news is this process is quite fast so you don't have to wait for long to get your compressed video.
 After the process is finished, you can check the difference of qualities in videos by playing both original video and compressed video.
 Also there are few settings you can do to customize this app. These are choosing the codec, encoding mode, resolution coreection in precise mode, output folder for your compressed videos, etc.
Well overall this app can reduce your pain in sharing videos for sure. If you like th app then make sure to rate it so that developer can know what you think about his hardwork. We will be back with more interesting stuffs for you guys so stay tuned with us. Till then keep comressing and sharing.

To get this app go to : Windows Market 
Or scan this QR code                                       
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