Osu! - amzing game for anime and music lovers

Hello guys and gamers,

                              We hope you guys are having good time with us. We are also trying to bring some interesting information for you and in this try today we are bringing a game especially for anime and music lovers.

The name of game is Osu! It is ofcource free and open-source game and players can also contribute their creations in this game. So what is this game actually?  It is a rhythm game in which we have to keep up with the notations to keep the song playing. 
There are other games like that what different in this? particularly this game is more directed towards anime lovers, plus it have very beautiful artwork and even embedded videos while playing it. One more interesting thing about this game is you can create a bitmap with your own song. The bitmap creator is also included in windows version of this game. Plus it is a cross-platform game which is available in Windows, Mac, Windows phone, Android, iOS. Not to mention it is lightweight game.
As you can see in below screen shots the welcome screen has interesting graphical interface just click on that big Osu! and you will get started. It provides you two modes i.e. offline mode and online mode. We will suggest you to play in online mode as it will automatically keep updating your online profile and there's the beloved level system in this game. As you can see i am on level 11 :P 
To make an account for Osu! you need to visit their Official site and also download the PC client from there.

 Again Osu! provides a possibility to create our own beatmaps. All you need to do is click on edit and choose your favorite mp3 and start creating own beatmap. You can also submit it to appear in official Osu! beatmap library.
 Now as you can see in below screenshots there are tons of setting which can make your gameplay a great time. It provides various graphics options, effects, audio options, gameplay options, etc, etc. You can see it all by yourself.

 When you click on play there are again two more options solo and multiplayer. Well an account of Osu! is essential here and you can play with players all around the world in multiplayer mode.
 After that you will be greeted with song library to choose song from. It is not online library so have to download bitmaps from their Official site. Ofcource you will need account for this. There are loads of songs in official library and you can download them easily. All you need to do is place those downloaded files in program files/Osu!/songs and you will be able to see them in library of your client.
overall this game has lot fun stuff plus amazing artwork and loads of entertainment to offer. You can a little gameplay video below, we made it for you guys.
This Game is also available in Windows Phone named Osu! WP and in Android named Osu!droid. So if interested in such game then fire up your phones and PC and start playing various songs of your choice. So this is it for today, we will be back with more fun stuff for you. Stay tuned with us and subscribe us for updates. Till then, ciao.

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