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Opera Mini beta is now available for Windows Phone 8/8.1

Hello Guys,

                  We recently posted about Opera mini will be soon available for WP and registration for beta testers are held. Finally wait is over for those who have successfully enrolled into beta testers group. Opera Mini beta is available for download as private beta. It's still not available for public, but beta testers are welcomed already. Just before few minutes ago we also received email from opera team about availability of first beta release.

So for those who are enrolled in beta tester group, this email will come soon if not yet. There are some key features of this release, just like what you used in your Symbian, Android or s40 phone in past the interface is almost same with faster page rendering that gives better browsing experience.

As you can see in above screenshots there are all the familiar key features like saved pages, inbuilt downloader, RSS feeds, tabs, speed dial, opera link, etc. Overall Opera team didn't disappoint WP users by missing any feature. So if you are enrolled in beta testers group then just fire up your phone and install this beta release, but please make sure to give your valuable feedback to opera team. It will seriously help them to improve this app greatly.

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