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Hello buddies,

                     We hope you guys are doing fine. we have been posting various topics and tutorials about PC world and WP platform. But not long time ago due to academic activities and various travel activities, we are not posting much. Also this site is not "just another site" for us. It is what we do, it our hobby, it is our hard-work, it is our investment of a big amount of time. So basically we don't want it to close just because we are less frequent now. Therefore we would like to have writers for this site.

Who is eligible for this? 
Anyone with proper knowledge of english, tech stuff.

Do one have to be a tech geek for this?
Basically yes, but as this site is oriented towards beginners and newbies all one need is a little big knowledge of tech stuff to guide newbies and normal people properly.

Are there any categories from which one can choose?
Yes, there are. you can post in Windows, Linux, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, tech news, new releases in tech world, News about pc components, new features of IT products, etc.

Do i have to post a lot?
No, as we will be posting too so one or two posts in every 3 days will be enough.

If you think you are fit in above 4 questions and love to write, then please help us out. To apply for above kindly use this link Contact Us and write us about your experience and interested categories for posting. Thank you.

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