Brave Browser-The browser with epic ad blocking

Brave Browser is something new you might have heard of already or may not have.So we used this browser for a while and now I think,I should give an On-hands Review(Ofcourse,will be covering in-depth later on!)
Brave Browser
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What is It?

So Brave browser is a new Game Changer in the Browsers World.Yah,it's gonna change something(actually many things) real cool.
It'll block all those heavy time capping ads,pop-ups and most of those privacy disturbing third party data trackers.
The Man(with his team) behind this great Browser is Brendan Eich who was Former CEO and Co-founder of Mozila and how can we forget his great dedcation to web world i.e. JAVASCRIPT.

How is it gonna change the World of Browsing?

So the browser is quite amazingly effective in blocking most of the ads and pop-ups as we personally checked it on the Brave 0.7.
It was able to cleanly block all the ads and then without giving any kinda bummers,showing all the pages neat & clean without leaving any kind of foot-prints like blank spaces or left-out(s).

HTTPS is something which will really help the end user very much in both browsing safely over the web and protecting themselves privacy risks for sure.

Hands-On Brave 0.7

So after the initial versions of Brave,one we're gonna give Hands-on is the 0.7 version,Yah,it has got many improvements over the initial versions but still it needs some hikes in basic features like History records,a good start screen and better session savings(was having bit problems).

Looks wise,It is very simple but at the same time some new enhancements made me smile,and that was something needy for me(and most of you for sure!), likewise Hovering to tabs to have a pre-view of other opened tabs and the other was the load-time stamp.

And now coming to the main attraction of the Browser,BRAVERY.
This sub-menu includes all those ad-blocking and privacy protecting features.In the present version 0.7,there are three options we got Block ads,Replace ads and alowing all ads and tracking.

The ad-blocker is highly effective and it loaded all those heavy ad-flodded sites serious-furious faster,though normal sites with lower ads didn't show any big changes.
One thing I noticed is that when I loaded our site,Block ads toggled,the Facebook fan page gadget was dramatically blank.It was loading perfectly in normal mode(Now,Showing in later updates of Brave).

I hope with time the browser will get all needed features and will also get all those pending features like Replace ads.

I'll be covering all new updates coming on it,and also a in-depth review of this amazing Browser.
So mates,see you all in our next posts,stay with us,share our posts,It'll really help us alot.
Have a techie time ahead ;)

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