Re-Boot : TechPhylum Is Back!

Hola friends,
Meanwhile we were away, we hope you guys were doing great. We still think you guys are doing great. So basically what we are doing here with this post after more than a year's gap? err, not too much but we are going re-boot this site. Seriously? yes seriously. we are unofficially (actually officially) relaunching this site from today by the time this post is online.

So what is the benefit of relaunching this site after all this time?
Well to be more precise what is the loss of relaunching this site? any loss? no?
We then let's get started. After the relaunch, we will be doing some old skool action with some old series like 'introduction with linux distro', some new series like 'we haven't decided the name of series yet'. Some of PC, some of Mobile Phones, A little bit of Windows and Greater bit of Linux, BIG BITE of Android and small bite of WP (Ummm Nah, equal bites of both :p ).

Meanwhile one might think Why the hell these idiots are doing this?
It's simple, because we are idiots who are trying to help other clever peoples. Our site is largely concentrated on noobs (or rookies or amatures or newbies or blah blah blah). We are trying to help them to understand the minor basics of major technological world.

Are we charging anything for that?
Well yes, we are. We are only charging some thanks. Too much? but that's all we need.

So friends, welcome back to our little world of basic things. We are on from today to bring some of the coolest things around the technological world, many of basics too. So guys stay tuned for more action. And forgive me for my language (though I won't change it,As It's kinda more friendly,isn't it?). This is it for now. Meet you guys everyday starting from today. Till then, Ciao.

And yes. If anyone would like write some topics or share some information with us then kindly Visit Write/Post with Us

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