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Basic terminal commands in Ubuntu for beginners PART 2

Hello my friends,

We were out for some fun in festival, but we are back now. today we will be continuing the basic terminal commands in ubuntu. Hope you guys are already playing around with Ubuntu. So let's begin.

You are connected to internet but you don't know your network information (what's this supposed to mean?) well you can check it in terminal by typing :
By typing this in terminal, your network information will be shown right below it.

In the same fashion wanna check your wireless information? Simple just type in :
Well sometimes we need to scan for wireless networks (especially for neighbor's wifi :P) for that type in :
sudo iwlist scan  
and it will scan for all the available wireless networks.

Let's see, you need firewall in your pc to prevent it from unwanted usage, sure you can do it. Open up terminal and type :
ufw enable
Similarly if you wanna turn off firewall then type :
ufw disable

wanna know status of firewall and rules you created for it then type in :
ufw status

Let's try blocking a ip address in your firewall, simply type in :
ufw deny ip
Well try out these few commands too and check what magic they do. But try to be careful when playing with terminal it can be dangerous sometimes. On our next post we will introduce you to some of most essential softwares on Linux. So stay tuned and keep playing with linux. Till then, ciao.

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