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How to save battery on Android using Greenify App

Hola Mates.......!
Today we got a very useful and interesting topic here for all those users looking to get their battery back up run longer than usual.It's Greenify,which will hibernate apps and will relief you from fastly draining battery.
I got some users asking me for the best ways to get their juice to run long on their Android devices.So this one is a very effective way to get your battery run long i.e. by hibernating apps, which are running many background processes and giving a load on memory and battery life as well.

About The App: Greenify is an app available for Android devices,which hibernates all those memory and battery hungry apps,which are just unnececssarily running idol in the background.You should know that other than just clearing background processes,Greenify goes a step ahead by hibernating apps which you have selected in your list.Yah,just once select all those apps which are unnecessary/which you don't use very often.Previously greenify wasn't available for non-rooted android phones.Greenify is now also available for non-rooted phones too....So cheers for that :)
Interesting Aahaa?

Get Greenify from:Here
or you can also get the donation version of the app,that is available on the play store as well.Donation version has some extra experimental features.

(Note:This tutorial has been performed on a non-rooted device,if you are to use it on a rooted device then make sure you get neccessary information about usage of this app.)

Done with downloading and installing Greenify??Here we Go with some deeper details of how to use this piece.....!

  • After Installing Greenify you just need to add apps by clicking on the '+' button right there on the top right corner.

  • Now you have to select all those apps which are not used oftenly or which you think keeps running idol in background.Make sure to not to add apps which gives you important push notifications like say Whatsapp,if you add Whatsapp it won't be able to give you notifications of messages on real time after being hibernated,so add this kind of apps only when you really want to get rid of it.

  • After you have added apps as per your requirements,just you have to click on the "zzz" button and it will just stop all those apps by using force stop system.If it asks you for giving Accessability Access then just allow it by going into main settings of your device>Accessability.

  • Now,you must be feeling so annoying that every time you have to go into the app and have to click on the 'zzz' button.So now there are two easy features that Greenify avails us :)
One is mannual and other one is automatic,choose as per your needs.
Using Hibernation Shortcut:So now there is this one more mannual way to do the hibernation real quick.Just Go into options and add the Hibernation Shortct available.Either Only hibernating shortcut or hibernation+lock screen shortcut,It's all upto you and your needs.
Option To Add hibernation shortcutTwo tupes of shortcuts available

Automated Hibernation:This feature must be adeed if you want to just relax and every time the apps goes hibernated automatically.After allowing this feature apps will get hibernated right after couple of minutes after locking your screen.Many people don't prefer it as they want to hibernate apps when they want to.

This app is surely gonna help you all in getting your battery back up boosted and also it'll reduce load on your RAM,So yeah faster and buttery performance is also a bonus here.
So this was all for today,see you guys in my Next post,Ask any question if you have related to this post in the comment section below,we're always here to help you the best. :)

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