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WhatsApp with new Quick Reply and other features in their beta version

WhatsApp,the most popular messenger has rolled out a new beta version,which includes not one or two feature,here's a list with new cool features like Quick Reply,Multiple contacts(/Groups) selection option,Solid wallpaper and finally a new Font Formating.
Real Cool....Aha?Check out all features,by scrolling down ;)......!

Quick Reply In Notifications:Quick reply is something,I guess many prefer to have! This feature gives the user a quick reply option in notification bar ,after clicking on reply a pop box appears,which is really handy and easy.You get a reply option,right in your notification.It's really gonna be a quick and faster way,which is also gonna save your time.
You're browsing web or using any other app,just swipe down your notification bar and get the quick reply pop-up box and ready to message up.

Font Formatting:Here comes a very new cool feature,which is not available in most of other messenger apps.Now you can type words in three most famous formats BOLD,ITALIC and STRIKETHROUGH.
It;s not given by any shortcut or quick button,you have to do it by inserting some special symbols by your keyboard.

  • To type in BOLD: Insert asterisk(*) right before and after your message like: *Hi,Wssup*
  • To type in Italic:Insert Underscores(_) like: _Hi,Wssup_
  • To type with strikethrough:Insert Tildes(~) like: ~Hi,Wssup~
Solid Wallpapers:Instead of choosing an artistic or personall background chat wallpaper in whatsApp Many users still prefer single solid coloured background.If you're one of those users then now you don't have to download solid coloured wallpapers from other sources,WhatsApp has given this feature right for you.
Multiple Selection:Now you can select multiple contacts and groups at once.And after selection you get some options delete,archieve,mute and you can also mark them as unread to check'em later on.You just have to click on the very left side of the contacts/groups i.e. on the DP.

For now this feature has only been introduced to the Beta version,if you want to test these features at instant then you need to join the beta program by going on their official website(You can leave it any time by uninstalling the beta program version and installing the original one from play store.)

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