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Nextbit Robin is set to launch on 25th may in India

Yo friends,
well we heard that Robin is coming in India on 25th may. Wait, you don't know robin? No, not robin hood. It's a phone (err, smartphone) by Nextbit and they are launching it in India on may 25th. So why should you think about buying Robin? well it has 100GB of cloud storage out of the box. Seriously? sir, yes sir. And it looks cool too.

(image source : gsmarena)
The phone comes on some cool looking colours and it has 3GB ram (Yeah 3GB). It also has 5.2 inches full HD display and the hexa-core snappy 808 at the heart. It has 32GB inbuilt memory and it will be non-expandable, but hey!! you have that 100GB of cloud storage all for free with the phone. A 13 MP camera, 2680 mah battery, USB-c type charge port and LTE connectivity too. It will ship with marshmallow and it can cost roughly around Rs.26000 (which is approx. cost in US).
So guys, if you going after Robin, then there's all the good luck from our side. Keep visiting us, liking us, subscribing us and blessing us. Till then, ciao.

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