Pre-Register for Google's new apps Allo and Duo

As recently Google announced two new apps to be arrived in this summer, Allo : A messenger and Duo : A video calling app.

Allo is to bring many smart features with Google Assistant in-built, and on the other hand Duo is to come with a new feature Knock knock, which will give us a live preview of the caller side, before we pick the call.

Now Google is really trying to bring it as quick as possible so they are taking Pre-Registers for the apps in Play Store. Users can register for both apps and as soon as it will get available to install, you will get notified to install it.
(Image Source:Google Play)

(Image Source:Google Play)

If you are still unaware of both of these apps then we recommend you to take a look at this post.
So head over to Play Store to Pre-Register them.

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