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VLC Universal App launched for Windows 10

VLC media player is a well known media player available on various Platforms and Devices,which is used vastly and liked very for its simple and user friendly looks,functions and controls.
So here VideoLAN's VLC got its windows app,which is still in beta version lacking some features over the classic VLC.It is the first beta version of the Windows Universal Application.
It lacks some features like it does not support DVD or BluRays,Possibly in the next stable(final) versions,these left and some new features(Our Wishlist :D) will hit.
Have a look at the fresh and handy Avatar of this New Universal Application,

(Images Source:Microsoft Store)
So,Looks Fantastic! Aha?
Good management of your videos and music with preview arts is great,Music files are well arranged in categories,kind of big change from the classic one.
 And not to forget that it's still in the beta phase.You may find some issues in it and as mentioned earlier some features are also lacking.Hoping improvements will hit near soon.

So give it a try,head over to this link to get the App.
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