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Android N is Android Nougat now

So finally the most anticipated Android N got its name as Android Nougat ,Wait what? You must have these words on your mouth as most of us were expecting Nutella(Yummy....!).

This time for Android N,Google had given the opportunity to the users to suggest a good name,and finally on thursday Google announced it.

So as always Android versions get its names on some candy or sweets,like KitKat,JellyBean,Marshmallow were some previously used names for Android versions.This time it's surprisingly Android Nougat,which is more or less different than most of us were thinking of,Nutella.
But still it's also a sweet and tasty name.In the end we are still so much excited for the final release of Android N,I mean Android Nougat.
This version of Android Operating System is going to be one of the most rich in new features and customisations for battery and performance are also there.Multiwindow,Direct control and access to perform the tasks through popped notifications on the notification bar and list goes on.Beta versions are already out and many are also having the taste of new features on it,Of course with some bugs as it ain't the final version.
So,Android Nougat.....Welcome :)
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