Linux Mint 18 Sarah released

Linux Mint has finally started rolling out final builds of Linux mint 18 Sarah.After some beta releases,they have provided the links to download the latest final version available in Cinnamon and MATE flavours,users can get the Desktop Environment as per own preference.
Linux Mint 18 is Long Term Support(LTS) release and it'll get support up to 2021.It is based on Ubuntu 16.04.It is available to download for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems,so just choose the right one for you.
The users who had already downloaded and were using the beta versions can easily upgrade to the stable final version by going to their update manager and installing the latest updates.For the users on Linux Mint 17.3,have to wait little longer to get Sarah upgrade,almost a month.Still you may get a copy of Linux Mint 18 and can install it freshly.

What's New In Linux Mint 18 Sarah ?

Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon
With this release,Linux Mint comes with new Cinnamon 3.0.So,if you prefer Cinnamon over MATE then you'll be getting the latest Cinnamon taste on it.
It doesn't stop here in looks,Mint 18 has new theme Mint-Y,you must be loving the glassy look of Mint-X,now here is Mint-Y a brand new theme,based on Arc theme and comes with beautiful icon-set Moka icons.

X-apps is a completely new term introduced in Mint 18.There are several new X-apps applications preinstalled,for the sake of integrating applications with the latest Desktop Environments and UI technologies.These apps support the latest technologies like GTK3,HiDPI,gsettings.
Xed,Xviewer,Xreader,Xplayer,Pix are some X-apps come preinstalled on Linux Mint 18.

There is also something new in Terminal commands,new commands have been added,apt in Mint 18 holds all those features what it used to keep in previous versions,on the top now it also supports Debian syntax used with apt. And some new commands are also introduced to support Debian syntax like "apt full-upgrade" will do the same task what "apt dist-upgrade" does,similarly "apt edit-sources" works at place of "apt sources" and "apt showhold" works same as "apt held".
One very useful command has been introduced i.e. now we can not only add PPAs but also remove it.Argument "--remove" will do the trick,it will remove a particular PPA.

Linux Mint 18 can be downloaded from it's official website,torrent link is also provided.
To Download head over to This Link and choose from Cinnamon and MATE,based on your preference.I personally love Cinnamon :)

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