Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Alpha released

Today Bodhi Linux makers released the first alpha version of latest Bodhi Linux 4.0.0. This alpha is only available for 64-bit machines. However, final release will be available for 32-bit and non-PAE machines too. This version is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and it features Moksha, a beautifully modified Enlightenment Desktop Environment. This build is supposed to start testing Moksha dektop on Ubuntu 16.04 base and find out all the bugs related it.
bodhi linux 4.0.0
According to official sources, this release have some issues as follows :
  • No Bootsplash.
  • The Installer brings up a password prompt – just click OK to continue.
  • Some extra menu entries are present.
The team is working hard to stay on plan and they hope to release the stable version before september. So let's hope best for them try out the alpha version if you like to test it.

To download the Alpha version CLICK HERE.

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