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Linux Kernel 4.7 final is here

As it was made clear in the last announcement by Linus Torvalds,Linux kernel 4.7 final release had a delay in release and the last Release Candidate of Linux kernel 4.7 rc7 was announced.Finally after a delay,Final Linux 4.7 is announced.
But this extra week delay gave some time to the developers to work around and by the time there are few patches made for sure but they are not big as told by Linus Torvalds in the announcement.Some markable work arounds are there in networking and fixes under Intel Kabylake GPU are made as well.

Linus Torvalds mentioned in the announcement:
"So, after a slight delay due to my travels, I'm back, and 4.7 is out.

Despite it being two weeks since rc7, the final patch wasn't all that
big, and much of it is trivial one- and few-liners. There's a couple
of network drivers that got a bit more loving.

and also "And obviously, this means that the merge window for 4.8 is
open.Judging by the linux-next contents, that's going to be a bigger
release than the current one (4.7 really was fairly calm, I blame at
least partly summer in the northern hemisphere).
So it's been clear that after the release of Linux 4.7,development for the next release is probably going to get started without any kind of break.

Linux 4.7 is now the latest stable Linux Kernel,users who are willing to upgrade can download it and upgrade it manually as it'll take time for updates to hit by Distributions based updates.

Download Linux Kernel 4.7 Final(Stable):From Here
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