Linux Kernel 4.7 got a delay in release

Well, Linux kernel 4.7 final is soon to be released and now here is some announcement about Linux Kernel 4.7 by Linus Torvalds. The Release Candidate Linux kernel 4.7 rc7 is here.According to the announcement this Release candidate is the last rc in Linux kernel 4.7 release candidate segment. There is going to get a one week delay in final release.Linus Torvalds announced it on this Sunday.

He has mentioned in the announcement "Anyway, there's a couple of regressions still being looked at, but
unless anything odd happens, this is going to be the last rc. However,
due to my travel schedule, I won't be doing the final 4.7 next
weekend, and people will have two weeks to report (and fix) any
remaining bugs."
and also "Yeah, that's the ticket. My travel schedule isn't screwing anything
up, instead think of it as you guys getting a BONUS WEEK! Yay!
So here One more week is in hands to encounter bugs and to report them.This extra week is going to help in bug fixes(if any found) and people have to wait one more week for the final release.

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