Puppy Linux explained

Today is saturday, that means a new segment of  "Introduction with Linux Distro" series. In our last segment we gave a hint that we will be introducing another independent Linux distribution. So today, in this 10th segment we will be explaining about Puppy Linux.

Many of us know about Puppy Linux as one of the smallest Linux distributions and it is true. Back in june 2003 team behind this distribution released the first version of Puppy Linux. It is an independent Linux distribution. Let's see some important highlights of this distribution.
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    • Lightweight : Puppy Linux is incredibly lightweight. Being lightweight doesn't mean it lacks features. It includes lots of features that a full fledged Linux distribution offers. The latest release of Puppy Linux is Slacko 6.3 (which we are currently using to post this topic) is only 234 mb in size for 64 bit machines.
    • Live Medium : Puppy Linux is mainly used as live medium. There is no need to install Puppy in your PC. Just create a bootable usb and use it as a live medium anywhere you want. There is also an option to save your work before you shut down the session. This way you can work anywhere and have your work saved along with you.
      Puppy Linux Slacko 6.3
    • Fast,Easy and Robust : Puupy Linux is very easy to use and understand. It loads into your ram that makes it seriously fast. There aren't many lags, it works smoothly on any machine. While keeping all this in mind, Puupy Linux is also a robust distribution. Once you start using it you will get feel of it's powers. Puppy can be used in machines with no HDD or it can be used as rescue OS.
    • Desktop Environment : By default Puppy uses JWM as desktop environment but you can also get Enlightenment or Fluxbox via additional packages. Puppy need atleast 128 mb of ram and  8 mb of shared video memory to load and run smoothly.
      Puppy Linux Slacko 6.3
    • Package Management : Puppy Linux uses PET (Puppy Enhanced Tarball) as it's package management. Puupy includes many software by default which is useful in day-to-day work. If you need to do office work you will get basic appliations to do so in Puppy, you can browse internet or do various things in Puppy Linux. It is bundled nicely to provide out of the box service. If you need anything else then you can simply download and install additional packages.
      Puppy Linux Slacko 6.3
    Well, these are just few things about Puppy Linux. There is lot more in it, why not giving it a try as live medium? Maybe you will like it and you can also make it your portable system to work on the go. This concludes our 10th segment. In our next segment we are going to introduce a beautiful Linux distribution. So stay tuned with us and have fun with Linux.

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