Simplicity Linux 16.07 out now

Simplicity Linux is well know for it's lightweight nature and support for netbooks. The team behind this wonderful distribution has annonced the release of Simplicity 16.07. This distribution is based on Puppy Linux but this time there is a little twist. This time Simplicity Linux is avaialble in Debian based version too. Simplicity 16.07 is released in dektop and mini editions which are based on Puppy Linux and it uses LXDE as default desktop environment. As we said earlier there is X version of Simplicity 16.07 which is based on Debian via AntiX distribution.

Simplicity 16.07 desktop edition is a full featured release which also includes many applications out of the box. Mini edition of Simplicity is mainly aimed for netbooks so it is nicely cut down to minimum requirements. The X edition is the first experimental release to check whether to use Debian as base from now on or not.

Download and try Simplicity 16.07 : Official Site

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