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Manjaro 16.08 third preview released

Manjaro development team team recently released the second preview of Manjaro 16.08  Ellada. Now they have also released the third preview of Manjaro 16.08. This release is mainly focused on bugs from second release. According to official sources the main problem solved in this release is Linux kernel. Earlier used Linux46 series kernel was again replaced by Linux 44 series kernel due to some issues found in it.

There are also new updates included in this release such as, Plasma 5.7.3, Firefox 48.0, LibreOffice 5.1.5, Nvidia 367.36.02, Systemd 231, Octopi 0.8.2 and Pamac 4.1.1. This will make sure that end users are updated with latest softwares. Calamares 2.3-beta2 is enhanced with new Manjaro modules to work as improved net-installer in future.

The new version of Manjaro is getting closer to it's final release, but if you want to test this distribution earlier then feel free to download the third preview FROM HERE.
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