Salix OS 14.2 RC1 & RC2 is made public

Well, not long ago there was a beta version of Salix OS. Few days ago development team behind Salix announced 14.2 RC2. Salix is based on slackware Linux. RC1 is specially for 32 bit machines and RC2 is for 64 bit machines. As per official announcement the final release of Salix 14.2 will within 10-15 days as they have countered all the major bugs that hindered the final release. There have been few changes made to latest releases.
  • Introduction on GUEFI, a graphical boot manager for UEFI system. It will be available for 64-bit installations using UEFI. One can use it to create/delete/edit/rearrange UEFI boot entries. 
  • There is also introduction of gtkreposetup. By this tool you can select your desired repository mirror.
  • The installer is translated to several languages other than english. So native language seekers won't have any problems while installing Salix.
  • The autoinstall option is removed from this release. As per official sources, it wasn't used by anyone and it was also broken in beta release but no one reported it.
  • Also a tool named lilosetup was removed.
  • All the softwares are updated to latest versions.
Salix 14.2 RC2 is available in Xfce flavor. To download click on Salix 14.2 RC2.iso.
We will also give a review on Salix as soon as the final product is released. So keep visiting us for more information on Linux.


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