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KDE plasma 5.8 beta rolls on with OpenSUSE 42.2 beta release

KDE plasma 5.8 LTS will be releasing next month but it already had made impact over linux community as a beta product. This version of KDE will be a long term support one. There are many improvements and changes made in this new version. KDE plasma now have a store to install various addons for your KDE desktop environment. Plasma's default Breeze theme has a unified look across all the common programmer toolkits like Qt 4 & 5, GTK 2 & 3, LibreOffice. One can now receive notification of text message from your cellphone right into your desktop using KDE connect. KDE connect can also help in sharing files between your phone and PC, silense music when you are having a call and also make your phone to act like a remote control. It now includes a new beautiful boot screen and lock screen. KDE plasma now uses wayland too.
  • Support for xdg-shell, i.e. GTK+ applications are now supported
  • Much improved touch screen support
  • Support for touchpad gestures – the infrastructure is there, there aren't any gestures by default yet
  • The “Sliding Popups” effect is now supported
  • Clipboard contents are synced between X11 and Wayland applications
On the other hand OpenSUSE team has announced a new beta version of Leap namely OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 beta 2. Latest beta of OpenSUSE includes KDE plasma 5.7.95 beta as primary dektop environment. OpenSUSE’s latest beta also upgraded KDE Applications to version 16.08.0, Frameworks to version 5.26.0, GStreamer to version 1.8.3, gtk2 to 2.24.31, gtk3 to 3.20.9, json-glib to 1.2.2, Wireshark to 2.2.0 and Xen to version 4.7.0_12.

Well why not give them both a try in one go. All you have to do just download and install new beta of OpenSUSE and you get a glipse of KDE plasma's new beta.

Download : OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Beta 2 
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