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Built from the scratch, new version of AryaLinux is here.

Mr. Chandrakant Singh, the man behind AryaLinux announced new version of named 2016.08. AryaLinux is new player in Linux game but it's motives are much humble. They are trying to encourage people to build their own Linux or even distro. So what has changed in new vesrion? Well, according to official announcement AryaLinux have made following improvements and changes.
  • It is now using Linux Kernel 4.7 which is more stable and have wide range of hardware support.
  • It now added support for KDE and LXQt desktop environment.
  • QT5 is now default version instead of QT4.
  • Mate upgraded to 1.15.
  • VLC media player is updated.
  • Kazam is included to cover up simple screen recorder problem with QT5.
  • GCC is now upgraded to gcc6.
  • New application build-scripts added like photivo, blender, openshot, remmina, putty, audacity, clementine, grub-customizer, lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings, conky, conky-manager, plank.
Apart from this there are many improvements which can be discovered as you start using this distro. So give it a try and have fun with Linux.

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