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Solus Released

Few hours ago the team behind Solus Linux announced a new version i.e. Even though it is like an update to Solus 1.2, it have many changes a more stability than the predecessor. There is introduction of newer version of Linux Kernel which more stable. According to official announcement there are following changes which are made .
  • Budgie:
    • Battery icon refresh issues were solved
    • Resolved an issue where the keyboard layout would revert to the default guessed layout for the locale on login
    • Switched to gnome-screensaver for screen locking and power management
  •  Installation:
    • Issues using Solus and the installation media on some hardware configurations, such as NVIDIA Maxwell cards and Intel Skylake processors.
    • Solved an issue whereby the installer might hang scanning disks.
  • Software:
    • Delivered an updated GNOME 3.20 Stack, Pulseaudio 9, as well as Mesa 12. Additionally, shipped with GCC 6.1.0, glibc 2.24, and the latest stable kernel 4.7.2.
Well, there is a long changelog along with this which you can find in Official Announcement

Download latest Solus
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