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ExTiX 16.5 released with Linux kernel 4.8 and new LXQt DE

ExTiX is a Debian and Ubuntu based Linux Distro. Using ExTiX has its own advantages. It is vastly used as a Live DVD distro as well. Team of ExTiX has come up with the release announcement of ExTiX 16.5, coming with Linux Kernel 4.8 as its kernel and LXQt 0.10.0. ExTiX is based on Debian 8.6 as well as Debian 9, and the upcoming and the awaited Ubuntu 16.10.
About the DE (Desktop Environment), LXQt is a lightweight DE, especially known for its lightweight and blazing speed.What's New In Here?
With the latest version of Linux Kernel 4.8.0-21-exton and LXQt 0.10.0 as its DE, ExTiX 16.5 has many new and updated software packages as well. Google Chrome is being used as the Default Web Browser next to it a nice Web Editor BlueGriffon (A WYSIWYG editor) has also been added. Thunderbird, Gparted,Brasero, SMPlayer, Gcc and some compilation tools has been added with all multimedia codecs, it does mean no more bummer, simply get your System installed and ready to work with, all needy and important tools and packages are already out here. Addition to this, Nvidia's Graphics driver is pre-installed, as announcement states,"I have also installed Nvidia’s proprietary graphics driver 370.28 in this new version ExTiX LXQt. It has support for the following GPUs: Quadro K1200, Quadro M6000, GeForce 920M, GeForce 930A, GeForce 930M, GeForce 940M, GeForce GTX 950M, GeForce GTX 960M and GeForce GTX TITAN X. This driver will be used automatically if your card is supported.".

Furthermore there was a list of Speciality about ExTiX in the announcement,
WHAT’S SO SPECIAL about ExTiX and especially the new version from 161012?
1. The ExTiX ISO’s are ISO-hybrids, which means that they can very easily be transferred (copied) to a USB pen drive. You can even run ExTiX from the USB stick and save all your system changes on the stick. I.e. you will enjoy persistence!
2. Another big improvement is that both ExTiX versions can run from RAM. Use Boot alternative 3 (Copy to RAM). When the system has booted up you can remove the disc (DVD) or USB stick. You’ll need at least 2 GB RAM to run ExTiX that way. Running from RAM means that the system will run faster than from DVD or USB stick. Everything will be superfast I would say!
3. All packages have been upgraded to the latest version by 161012.
4. I’ve replaced kernel 4.6.0-extix with kernel 4.8.0-21-exton (‘s stable kernel 4.8).
5. The installation program Ubiquity (live installer) is now working as intended. I.e. a new user (your user) will be created during the installation process.

So, all over we can say, if someone wants a distro fully useful with all needy softwares and packages then ExTiX has all that, a blazing fast DE, all required Codecs, Drivers, Software Packages pre-installed. We can say the beginners are most targeted users of this distro and really it'll be a good start for any normal or beginner user.
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