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KDE Plasma 5.8.1 released,the first bugfix release to Plasma 5.8

KDE plasma 5.8
It has not been so long that we might have forgotten the release of the amazingly beautiful and handy Desktop Environment, KDE plasma 5.8 LTS released, now without any big delay the KDE team came up with the found bugs in the final release.KDE team has made an announcement about the release of first bug fix update for LTS version KDE Plasma 5.8,i.e. KDE plasma 5.8.1.
What's New In Here?
As stated in the announcement,

This release adds a week's worth of new translations and fixes from KDE's contributors. The bugfixes are typically small but important and include:

  • Fix modifier-only-shortcut after using Alt+Tab
  • Support for EGL_KHR_platform_x11
  • Fix crash when moving panel between two windows
  • Many Wayland fixes, e.g. resize-only-borders
Furthermore, the changelog showed more detailed view of changes and fixes made on many parts of the DE, Breeze, Discover, KDE GTK config, Kwin, Oxygen and plasma workspace has many improvements and enhanced performance than previous release. Well, we are expecting soon this fix update will hit the distros too, and updates will be available other than that you may have a look over the Source Downloads of this update (Links can be found in the announcement).

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