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Fedora 25 Beta released

Fedora 25 Beta
Fedora, the well known Linux distribution providing numerous of amazing features and wide list of applications for all required to pro-level tools, has got an announcement of the beta release of Fedora 25 release-segment. Previously, Fedora 25 Alpha was released. The final release of Fedora is expected in November.
What's New In Fedora 25 Beta?
As mentioned in the announcement,"Fedora’s journey is not simply about updating one operating system with the latest and greatest packages. It’s also about innovation for the many different platforms represented in the Fedora Project: Workstation, Server, Atomic, and the various Spins", So, really they are up to on their words. Everytime a new Fedora release makes it way, it doesn't take the same route like other distros.

In the Fedora 25 Beta,there are several updated packages, but we wont talk about it. We'll be covering some major new updates in this building master-piece.
  • Rust Programming language is now supported on Fedora in this release.
  • With the standard available versions of Python 3.5 and 2,7 now users can also install other non-standard versions for the sake of the application-development or (Do I need to list them? We, the Pyhthonies knows the importance :p), Python 3.4,2.3 and 2.6 can be installed from repositories.
  • Fedora Workstation has something new and very interesting,A new Fedora media writer tool.This tool will simply download you the latest and stable version of Fedora and then further it'll give you option to write to media like USB drive.This tool is available on multi-platforms like Linux,Mac,Windows.So,doesn't matter where and on which OS,You are,just get this tool and spin your fedora on your system.
  • Fedora workstation got a replaced display system of the legacy X11 by Wayland.Still,if you found Wayland troublesome for you as it contains bugs and still in development,you have the option to select between the two.Nice!
  • New Gnome 3.22 is being used in Fedora Workstation.
Well,there are many new features in the Fedora Server as well,We can't cover everything in this news post.So for details kindly head over to the official announcement.
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