HandyLinux decides to drop future english translations

HandyLinux is a Debian based distribution. It is mainly concentrated on beginners and user who prefer easy way to use Linux. It uses Xfce desktop environment, so it is even compatible with older hardware. But there is a sad news for people who prefer English language, HandyLinux team decided to stop English translations in future updates.

HandyLinux is a french distribution with french as primary language for UI and documentation. In recent years the team also translated all the documentation in English to welcome international community in the project. But it seems due to lack of team members in translation department, HandyLinux team is going to abandon English translations. According to official announcement only two members registered in two years to contribute in English related things. Well, it's sad to see one of most user friendly distribution to stop producing for international community.

Meanwhile if you want to use HandyLinux and you only understand English, then you can keep current English version of HandyLinux. All the HandyLinux tools will be maintained until May 2018.

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