FreeBSD 11.0 release announced

FreeBSD, a well known and vastly used operating system based on the BSD version of UNIX got release announcement of FreeBSD 11.0. With numerous of changes and improvements in the previously released development releases, now finally the finally release is here with first stable release, FreeBSD 11.0.

What's New In Here?
Well, the announcement has a nice list of highlights about the FreeBSD 11.0 stable release.
OpenSSH got an update, added to that OpenSSH DSA key generation is now disabled by the default and protocol 1 is no more supported.

There are new supports in wireless term,802.11n is now supported with broader wireless driver support. The svnlite the well known control version control system tool got an update to 1.9.4.

Support for arm64 architecture has also been added with some added support to native graphics in this final release. For detailed information about this final release kindly head over to the release notes.
Download the latest FreeBSD according to your system requirements,the release note includes the way to upgrade from earlier versions as well.So, follow it up.All the download images can be found here.

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