How to manage runnig processes using Terminal on Linux

Managing and monitoring background running processes are not only basic needs as per view of performance control but security is also a concern in this cyber linked world.
Previously we have posted htop Process Viewer to monitor Processes on Linux which was an alternative way to access the background running processes and applications with control to manage them by the single click and count.
Today we are going to talk about the terminal commands, used for managing and viewing the processes running on your system.
Here are some commands to manage running processes:
  •   Type in the following command to get the details about the runnimg processes without details.
  • ps aux command will also list the running processes but with a details.So instead of getting only name-list of the running processes,if detailed process monitoring is your need then this command will help you up.
    username@pcname:~$ps aux
  • The code below will list the processes which will have FIREFOX or whatever process name you would type in.
    username@pcname:~$ps aux | grep FIREFOX
  • pgrep will show you the PID of the desired process and then this PID can be used for various purposes.
    username@pcname:~$pgrep PROCESS NAME
  •  xkill will turn your cursor in a killer weapon :p,not in real but yes it will act something like that.Your cursor will turn into a x signed arrow and then on whichever running graphical process,click will be made,that process will get instant kill.
  •     kill PID is the easy way to kill a process whose PID is in your hand,just type in the code and enter and boom,you're a nice shooter :p
    username@pcname:~$kill PID
  •     pkill comes in the scene when you don't want to hit more on the keyboard in finding the PIDs,just type in the pkill and the process name and you're good to kill.
username@pcname:~$pkill PROCESS NAME
  •  This command needs sudo access,certainly it's something power in the users' hand.This command can forcefully kill any process 
  username@pcname:~$sudo kill -9 PID
So these were some important commands basicly used for manging and viewing the processes running in the background. If you are a command-line lover then these commands shoulld must be in your favourite list, if it was not then surely it might have now. For those who loves to work with GUI, you should head over to the application available in Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and must be other Distributions as well, named as System Monitor in which you can do the same things in GUI way.

So this was all, hope you liked our post today.

Thank You :)

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