NetBeans IDE 8.2 Download is available now

NeatBeans doesn't need an introduction but still who doesn't know about NetBeans IDE then NetBeans IDE is an IDE(integrated development environment) that supports multiple programming languages like JAVA,HTML5,JAVAScript,C/C++,PHP etc. Well,It's vastly used by many coders and developers for developing mobile,pc or web applications.
NetBeans has a great set of pre-installed tools that makes coding and developing more convenient and easy on fingers.The GUI builder really makes the things easy on head when it comes to developing JAVA SE applications.

NetBeans is now available in 8.2 version with better improvements and better support.According to the release details page,the new NetBeans 8.2 comes with code analysers and editors to work with latest JAVA 8 technologies.Others aren't left behind,Other languages have also new improvements and enhancements with new and some old but improved tool-sets.

Here is a quick look at What's New In NetBeans IDE 8.2:
  • New ECMA SCRIPT 6 is now supported.ECMA SCRIPT 7 has also made it's arrival in this new version but still in the experimental tag-line.In next release the stable support for ECMA SCRIPT 7 can be seen.
  • PHP 7 support has been improved marginally,the editor has better enhancements with the support expansions for Symfony 3 and PHPUnit 5.
  • Support for node.js 4and newer is available now.
  • C/C++,SQL,DOCKER and some others also got new improvements and support.
So, If you are still on the previous version and willing to get the new features and tools with the advantage of latest support of different Development Languages then you should make a update to the newer version.You can view the full details about this release here.
Download NetBeans IDE 8.2 From Here: Download

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