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The Expendabros - a game for real bros

Hello bros and gamers,
Today, we are back with a game topic after a long long time (actually not long but still long). While many of us likes to play intense graphics games, because why not? That is what we built our amazing rig for. But sometimes there are games which are not much of a stress on GPU but still gives best package out of the box. Almost everyone played those retro pixel graphics games in their childhood and nowadays, there are game makers who still makes those type of games. Many of you must have played Pewdiepie : Legend of Brofist or Mercenary Kings, these were one of the best examples of retro style modern games.

Today, we will be talking about The Expendabros. This game is released in 2014 August, I know it's old enough but who cares if you are going to have fun. This game is developed by Free Lives Games teamed up with Lionsgate. It has that retro look and feel from the childhood games and gameplay is just amazing without a doubt. This game is for BROs.
The Expendabros
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This game is basically parody of The Expendables 3 movie. In this game you have 7 playable characters which resembles to movie characters. You have to unlock all characters by rescuing them. Team of bros is assembled to stop arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks in this amazing ten missions game. There are many dangers and ofcource enemy are always waiting to kill you. One of the most interesting thing about this game is 'Local Multiplayer Co-Op Mode' upto four players (I just miss the old local co-op games a lot). You can gather more bro to play together with you and that is something much more than just having fun.
The Expendabros

The Expendabros

The Expendabros

The Expendabros

The Expendabros
As you guys can clearly see the retro style graphics of this game in screenshots. This also gives advantage of running on old hardware. This game don't require much resources so good choice for old PCs. This game is just plain and simple kill or get killed. And if anyone wondering about price, this is free on Steam (It is our site's niche to provide information about free and open-source stuff). So, why waiting? Just start steam and play this game if you haven't till now. Invite your bros and have fun in Co-op mode. We will be back with more games (free to play games actually). Have fun bros.

Just in case if anybody wants to find me on steam - Steam Profile : sumitinhome

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