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Ninite : A cool tool to manage your apps

You bought a new PC or formatted your old one and you are going to install all the apps again from their respective sites. Why do all this, when you can Ninite!

What is Ninite? Ninite is simply a tool which lets you install many important free applications which we use in daily life. All you have to do select apps you want and Ninite will create a custom installer for you which will install all the apps at once.
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Ninite includes variety of important applications and keeps them updated all the time. This will save your time to install all the apps separately. Ninite is free of all the toolbars, crapware or adware. It also installs all the apps in their default location. Ninite skips all the reboot requests while installing, verifies all the digital signature before installing, all the apps are official, totally junk free, keeps your apps up-to-date and ignores already updated packages, identifies PC architecture automatically and install apps accordingly, downloads apps in default PC language. Most of all it does all the work in background and you just have to relax.
While you can install all this, all you have to do run the same installer again anytime and it will update all the apps if available. So guys, try out Ninite and save your time.
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